Big changes coming to the Canada Food Guide

Health conscious Canadians and food industry players may find themselves at odds as Health Canada gets set to release an overhauled version of the Canada Food Guide.

A major change expected in the new guide is a focus on plant-based sources of proteins -- a move that's sparked concern among industry players, including the Dairy Farmers of Canada.

Health Canada's Hasan Hutchinson says a regular diet of vegetables, fruit and whole grains can have positive effects on health.
Hutchinson says they're not saying animal-based proteins lack nutrition, adding the new guide will continue recommending lower-fat milk, lower-fat yogurt and cheeses lower in fat and sodium.

But the national policy and lobby organization representing Canada's farmers is warning the changes could harm a sector that continues to be -- as it puts it -- ``negatively impacted by the concessions granted in recent trade agreements.''

Dairy Farmers of Canada president Pierre Lampron warns that dairy jobs will be at risk.