Big health promises from CAQ Leader

After taking a day off the campaign trail on Saturday, Coalition Avenir Quebec leader François Legault used the start of Day-11 of the campaign to attack the Quebec Liberals' record on health care in the province. 

Legault said 59% of Quebecers are still unable to see a doctor when they need one. 

"What is the point of having a family doctor if you can't see them when you're sick," asked Legault this morning, along with CAQ candidates Danielle McCann (Sanguinet), Lionel Carmant (Taillon), Claude Bourbonnais (Vaudreuil) and Marilyne Picard (Soulanges).
Within four years of electing a C-A-Q government, Legault said all Quebecers will have a family doctor and will be able to consult them or a specialized nurse-practitioner within a maximum of 36-hours. The C-A-Q leader also said Quebecers should expect more access and greater hours of operation. 
Legault also promised a complete review of the remuneration of family physicians in an effort to promote better patient care.