Big O anti-migrant protest cancelled, pro-migrant demo to welcome new arrivals

Two demonstrations with vastly different messages on migrants and immigration had been organized for Sunday afternoon at the Olympic Stadium, but the anti-migrant side appears to have cancelled their protest.

"We have already had a success, because the far-right anti-immigrant demonstration at the same location which is why we had our demonstration, their demonstration has been cancelled," organizer with Solidarity Across Borders Jaggi Singh told CJAD 800 News.

Solidarity Across Borders and the Non-Status Haitian Action Committee are behind the pro-migrant demonstration, "Refugees in, Racists out!" 

It seeks to show the influx of migrants fleeing the United States for Canada they are welcome in Quebec, Singh explained.

"Migrants are used as scapegoats by the far-right as an excuse for all of society's problems," he continued.

Demonstrators gather at 12 p.m. at the Big O near the Porte Marathon close to Gate D.

The original anti-migrant protest was cancelled on Facebook, and the leader of the far-right group La Meute attempted to distance himself and his wolfpack of members from the demonstration.

"La Meute wants to specify it does not endorse the demonstration at the Olympic stadium of this Sunday," Eric Proulx said. "We believe these people are mistaken in their targets and it is the government's non-compliance with immigration laws that cause us problems."