Blowing snow makes for a tough drive, SQ says stay home

While Montreal may have missed the winter bomb that hit others parts of Quebec and eastern Canada, Mother Nature still had plenty in store for us on Friday.

Light snow fall mixed with wind gusts created white out conditions in several areas across Montreal and the surrounding regions. 

Despite fewer cars on the road during the first week of the New Year, many CJAD 800 listeners said their commute was still lengthy because of the slippery roads and reduced visibility.

Bruno was on the road at 4:30 A.M. clearing driveways and called in to the Ken Connors show.

"I'm driving at 6.5 kilometers clearing snow and I have a hard time seeing where I'm going at times" he said. 

Provincial police responded to more than a dozen accidents overnight that saw many cars slide off of highways and into nearby ditches.

While no major injuries were reported the fender benders continued.

"I just, just avoided an accident on the Île aux Tourtes eastbound" caller Luther said. "There's at least four or five cars involved and it literally happen 20 yards in front of me I just wasn't speeding."

The Sûreté du Québec recommends if you don't have to be on the road, stay home.