Blue cols on pothole duty spent an hour not filling potholes: Anjou mayor

The mayor of the Anjou borough is wondering why a city truck sent out to fill potholes spent its time riding around on just two streets, Chateauneuf and Ray Lawson Blvds., without filling a single pothole.

Luis Miranda told the Journal de Montréal he followed the truck for about an hour, on those two major arteries, where there were no potholes that needed fixing.

Other major streets in the borough, says Luis Miranda, definitely did need fixing, and Miranda is blaming the situation on poor management on the part of the city administration.

The executive committee member in charge of infrastructure, Lionel Perez, told the paper there were indeed two major operations in Anjou over a recent two-week period to fill no less than 1,340 potholes.

Perez also says the city's pothole operations do focus mainly on major arteries.