Bombardier pay raises subject of National Assembly motion to be filed by opposition

The Parti Québécois says it plans to file a motion in the National Assembly on Tuesday demanding Bombardier senior executives renounce their 2016 pay increases.

Antonine Yaccarini is the director of communications for PQ leader Jean-Francois Lisée, and tweeted the motion Saturday.

The motion acknowledges that Bombardier is a jewel of Quebec industry, but says the amount of financial aid it has received means there should have been a limit on pay raises to senior executives. It also calls on Premier Philippe Couillard to make a formal demand to Bombardier executives.

While board chair Pierre Beaudoin has said he would have his compensation cut back to 2015 levels, head of Bombardier human resources Jean C. Monty justified the increases in a statement released yesterday. Monty believes the company's compensation practices are sound and reflect the global nature of the business.

Bombardier has faced severe backlash after six top executives were awarded a near 50 per cent increase while the company continues to receive taxpayer subsidies.

A protest against the pay raises is expected to take place in downtown Montreal Sunday. PQ transport critic Alain Therrien and Manon Massé of Quebec Solidaire are among those believed to be participating in the demonstration.