Book said to bash Donald Trump and his administration due out Friday

The White House is pouring scorn upon a forthcoming book that paints an unflattering portrait of U-S President Donald Trump and his administration.

Former chief strategist Steve Bannon made scandalous allegations against the president and his family in excerpts of Michael Wolff's controversial new book called, "Fire and Fury: Inside the White House'', due out on Friday.

At Thursday's White House briefing, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders says communication between Bannon and Trump has been scant since Bannon was fired.

Sanders called the book a fantasy and full of tabloid gossip.  

White House officials described the president as furious at Bannon's criticisms.

Trump, who has threatened to sue the publisher of the book, responded Wednesday with a seething statement that accused Bannon of having "lost his mind.''

The explosive new book is said to quote the former aide as questioning Trump's competence and describing a June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower between Donald Trump Jr., Trump campaign aides and a Russian lawyer as "treasonous'' and "unpatriotic.''

Bannon's financial backer is distancing herself from the populist flamethrower.

Conservative donor Rebekah Mercer said in a rare statement that she and her family have not communicated with Bannon "in many months'' and "have provided no financial support to his political agenda, nor do we support his recent actions and statements.''

She also said she supports President Donald Trump and the platform upon which he ran.