Boroughs regain snow removal powers

Summer's almost here, but the city of Montreal was talking snow clearing and removal on Friday.

The central city has told boroughs such operations will improve after meeting with them and hearing complaints about snow operations.

The city will table a number of changes at Monday's city council meeting.

The most significant is boroughs, in some cases, wouldn't need the green light from the city center to start picking up the snow, that a snow operation can be launched when deemed necessary. 

That can happen no more than twice a season per borough.

There's also different way of tackling the snow on local streets. 

"In past winters, boroughs waited until 5 cms have fallen to send out the plows. But, they would now be able to start clearing at 2.5 cms, which is already the case for major arteries, but not for side streets", reported CTV's Max Harrold.

The city will also establish a permanent committee to discuss snow removal and climate change.

The proposals could be adopted in June.