Boston has a "poutine problem": Canadian expat

Another reason to dislike Boston, besides the Bruins. 

The city apparently has a “Poutine Problem.”

That’s according to Spencer Buell, a P-E-I native who now calls the city home, where he is a staff writer for Boston Magazine. He took to the publication to write about restaurants that take it too far when they riff on the classic Quebecois dish.

'Just as poutine is starting to get popular in this area, we're not getting the good, traditional poutine that I grew up,' Buell told Ken Connors. 'We're just getting these weird perversions of poutine. It's a grave mistake.' 

Some egregious examples include a poutine with spaghetti noodles, one inserted into a baked potato and a chicken pot pie concoction. Buell's least favourite special is a restaurant that serves 50 different kinds of poutine - one for each American state. 

The writer spoke to some Quebecers and French-Canadians living in Boston, including Tim Beaulieu, who is organizing a PoutineFest  in town. The feelings were mixed, ranging from disgust to a very Canadian appreciation for the recognition of poutine as a tasty dish. 

You can read Spencer's post here and hear his conversation with Ken Connors on the Andrew Carter Morning Show: