Bouchard unloads on co-chair for backing away from Bouchard-Taylor Commission recommendation

Gerard Bouchard is upset with the man who sat beside him through the Bouchard-Taylor Commission hearings on reasonable accommodation.  

Earlier this week, Charles Taylor announced that he no longer supported one of the Commission's key recommendations: a ban on the wearing of religious gear by civil servants in positions of authority.  Taylor says he never truly believed there was a need to impose the restriction on judges, prison guards and others  and has now come to see how the recommendation fueled some dark thinking about religious accommodation in Quebec.  

Writing in today's LaPresse, co-chair Gerard Bouchard disagrees.  He says he still stands by the suggestion because, in his view, it reflects a consensus in Quebec.  

He thinks that Taylor's renunciation of it has opened a crack in the consensus and will plunge the province once again into bitter quarrelling.