Buckley's. It tastes awful. And it's being recalled

The makers of Buckley's cough syrup have initiated a voluntary recall of some of its syrup products, because of a potential choking hazard with its packaging.

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Inc. is pointing to a defect with the plastic seal which may cause it to fall into the bottle. It could present a choking hazard if it's swallowed.

The seal is a circular plastic layer that's clear or semi-transparent and is about 1.7 cm in diameter.

The affected products are the following:

Buckley's Complete, DIN 02279703, 150 & 250mL 
Buckley's Complete Mucus Relief, DIN 02357232, 150 & 250mL 
Buckley's Cough & Chest Congestion, DIN 02289164, 150 & 250mL 
Buckley's Cough Mucus & Phlegm, DIN 02346451, 150 & 250mL 
Buckley's Original Mixture, NPN 02239538, 100 & 200mL 
Buckley's Original Mixture Night Time, DIN 02230939, 100mL

Only its products for adults are affected — it's Jack and Jill children's cough syrup uses a different seal, and is thus not affected.

Health Canada is monitoring the recall. In the meantime, the company is advising users to follow dosage instructions on the label, and not to drink the syrup directly from the bottle.