Bureau of Investigations looking into police handling of woman's distress call

Quebec's Bureau of Independent Investigations (BEI) announced Thursday morning that it would look at how police in Mont St. Hilaire handled a call from a frightened 19-year-old woman.

Hours later, the woman, Daphné Boudreault, was dead. Her former boyfriend is due to appear in court Thursday afternoon in St. Hyacinthe to face charges in connection with her death.

On Wednesday morning, Boudreault called Richelieu St. Laurent regional police after her ex showed up at the convenience store at which she worked. She called to say she was afraid her ex would hurt her.

A friend of Boudreault's say the four officers who responded did not take her seriously — at one point, Boudreault apparently asked them, "do I have to get killed for the police to do something?"

Not long afterward, she was found critically injured in an apartment and died later in hospital.

Earlier in the morning, the 22-year-old ex-boyfriend posted a couple of video rants on his Facebook page expressing his anger over their recent breakup, suggesting that Boudreault had been cheating on him.

"I've worked hard on myself and my control," he said at one point. "I would have taken you back tomorrow morning if you would have apologized."