Businesses in Southwest borough temporarily opening up parking lots overnight for residents

Some Montrealers are still dealing with uncleared snow a week after nearly 30 centimetres fell in a 24 hour span.

The Southwest borough in particular is still relatively snowed in, which has caused chaos in term of parking vehicles on side streets.

Some businesses have offered free parking to Southwest borough residents between 9 PM and 8 AM until Tuesday morning. Borough mayor Benoit Dorais praised the joint effort between officials and 9 places of commerce, including Atwater Market. He stresses that the hours being allocated to residents must be respected so as not to disrupt store operations during business hours.

Dorais also made it clear this measure is only being implemented on a temporary basis due to the slow progress in clearing the side streets of snow.

A full list of businesses allowing free overnight parking is available on the City of Montreal's website.