CAA-Quebec asks, Is your car winter ready?

Don't worry too much if it's not, you still have time to prepare. The deadline to have winter tires installed is December 15, temperatures aren't expected to get below freezing during the day time until Friday and there's only a chance of flurries overnight into Saturday.

Nevertheless CAA-Quebec is reminding motorists it's always best to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature can throw our way.

On Friday the organization responded 2,500 calls across the province, which is about one quarter of what agents deal with on a typical winter's day.

While there is still more than one month until the tire deadline, CAA-Quebec recommends getting them changed earlier rather than too late.

Not only can you face fines of a couple hundred dollars, but research has shown they can shorten braking distances by up to 25 per cent in colder months.

Many garages across Montreal and the entire province are already filling up with people trying to get their winter tires on. 

For those worried about prematurely wearing down their winter tires, CAA-Quebec noted so long as temperatures stay below 7°C your tires will be fine. The highest daytime high this week is expected to be 5°C.

By law in Quebec motorists need to have winter tires from December 15 to March 15.