CAA-Quebec says careless drivers only part of crosswalk safety question


Transport Minister Francois Bonnardel is thinking about ways to make Quebec's pedestrian crosswalks more visible, accusing drivers of being delinquants when it comes to respecting the right of way.  

The CAA-Quebec agrees - but says that's only part of the story.

"The minister is not wrong," says CAA Quebec spokeswoman Annie Gauthier. "We really need to pay attention."

She says researching measures such as adding flashing lights to make crosswalks more visible to drivers would be a good idea.

"It could be a solution, especially at some locations where it is more difficult to see the crosswalks, or when the infrastructure of the roads doesn't allow to see it," she notes. 

 But Gauthier is not happy about the way the Transport Minister spoke of a culture of delinquence among drivers, who treat crosswalks as a big joke.

Gauthier says all road users need a reminder about sharing the space.

"We all have to admit as different road users that we could do better," she says. 

Gauthier says road sharing is becoming increasingly complicated, especially in cities. 

"We all have our responsibilities," she says. "In Quebec right now, especially in cities, in urban areas, we have a lot of people, different kinds of road users, a lot of activities, many construction sites. So there's a lot of activity and more than ever we have to be careful, and we have to remember that  the road nettwork is belonging to all road users."