California policeman injured in crash involving Justin Trudeau's motorcade

The Prime Minister's motorcade was involved in a crash in southern California last night.

The accident took place shortly after Justin Trudeau left the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, where he had given a landmark speech touting the benefits of Nafta.  An SUV made a left turn when it wasn't supposed to and hit a California Highway-Patrol constable, who was riding a motorcycle and was seriously injured.  The driver of the SUV and her son were also taken to hospital, as a precaution.

The Prime Minister and his vehicle were not involved in the crash, but officials say that Trudeau is aware of what happened and that members of his staff are working with local police investigating the accident.

Trudeau has been in the United States for the last four days as a part of a tour to promote North American free-trade as talks on renegotiating the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement drag on.  He will meet with Los Angeles's Mayor this morning before returning to Canada later on today.