Call for independent inquiry into violent incident involving STM agents at Villa Maria metro

There's a call for an independent inquiry into a violent incident last week making the rounds on social media involving STM security agents.

A man who reportedly didn't pay his fare and caused a disturbance with his basketball is shown on video being beaten with batons by the agents at the Villa Maria metro station.

Snowdon councillor Marvin Rotrand, who used to be vice chair of the STM, said they also need an external impartial body to handle such incidents and complaints.

"There's a pretty broad public consensus that the officers went too far, they used too much force, and people want there to be a resolution but they also don't have confidence in the STM handling it by themselves in a usual way," said Rotrand in an interview with CJAD 800.

"The public doesn't really have confidence in an internal, closed-door system."

Montreal mayor Valerie Plante says they're open to ideas such as an ethics committee looking into any questionable conduct by STM security agents or police officers patrolling the metro themselves.

"I'm definitely open to evaluate what needs to be done differently or better," said Plante.

"If there's a need to question or to have this subject on the table, it's definitely something that could be there and we'll see what could be done."

The STM has said the case is now being handled by Montreal police and that the STM agents acted by the book.