Calls for Francoeur to back up claims of PLQ corruption

The head of the Montreal police brotherhood dropped a bombshell allegation during a radio interview Thursday, now there are calls for him to back up his words with proof.

Yves Francoeur told 98.5 FM back in 2012 two members of the Quebec Liberal Party, one of whom is still in office, were the targets of a criminal investigation. 

Francoeur said the case was completed and included wiretap recordings revealing political financing involving a real estate firm with ties to the mob. 

The head of the police union said two representatives of the judicial system later told him that if the individuals targeted were not elected Liberals charges would have made their way to court, but instead the investigation ground to a halt.

The allegation sent shockwaves through the province.

"I think we have to hear Mr. Francoeur in a parliamentary commission and know exactly what he knows and what he could reveal more than what he did this morning," CAQ MNA Eric Caire said. "This is extremely serious."

"A lot of people do think that some major high-profile Liberals are never going to be arrested when there is a Liberal government in power," added PQ House Leader Pascal Bérubé.

The Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions, Annick Murphy, was already speaking before the parliamentary committee on a different matter when she was asked about Francoeur's claims.

Murphy said her team does not have the file the police union leader spoke of, and she had no idea what case he was referring to.

She did however, have questions of her own.

Murphy said in his interview, Francoeur suggested a prosecutor refused to lay charges on a pair of Liberal MNA's, which is a very serious allegation.

She wondered why Francoeur, an experienced police officer, did not do more or come forward with the case before now.

Quebec Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux echoed the thought.

"Those allegations are very, very, very serious, and he's a policeman. His duty now if he knows these things, if he knows important things about this, he should go to the DPCP and tell them what he knows" Coiteux said.

Montreal police Chief Philippe Pichet said he is going to be keeping tabs on where this investigation goes.

"I'll wait until I see what the truth is in all that, but if it would happen under my jurisdiction you can be sure I would take actions to make sure everything is done properly," Pichet told CTV Montreal.

Francoeur is now expected to meet with UPAC to go over his claims.

In the meantime, Murphy has invited Francoeur to send her all of the information regarding the investigation, adding she will let the public know when Francoeur reaches out.