Canada Post strike or lockout possible later this month

There could serious disruptions to your mail service before the end of the month as contract talks between Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers continue to make little progress.

The new contract talks began in November, but didn't go far. They continued through the summer with a conciliator, but the stalemate continues.

According to CUPW, the contract presented to urban employees by Canada Post on Friday contained "rollbacks and Trojan horses" while the deal for rural and suburban employees was "unacceptable" and ignored "many key issues."

For now no type of strike or lockout is legally possible until September 26, with neither side officially saying it will take any action.

Until then, the two sides are in a 21-day "cooling-off process," with talks continuing over the three week period. Once it ends (on the 26th), the CUPW could legally launch a strike should its members give it a mandate to do so. At the same time Canada Post would be legally allowed to lock out its employees.

The CUPW though has been holding strike mandate votes across the country over the past few weeks, with the final vote taking place Sunday. The results are expected to be revealed Monday.

Union president Mike Palecek has said the union wants to achieve an agreement without a strike, but workers should be ready for some type of job action if no deal can be reached by the end of the cooling-off process.