CAQ allows Alberta company to drill for oil in Gaspésie

Quebec's first commercial oil project will be launched in the Gaspésie by Alberta-based Cuda Oil & Gas.

The provincial Environment Ministry made public documents filed in November last year on Thursday, detailling the project. According to the project notice paper, the firm will drill at least 30 wells to exploit the fossil fuel deposit, located around 20km west of Gaspé.

Notably, the project will not involve hydraulic fracturing, known commonly as "fracking".  The controversial practice was partially banned by the previous Liberal government last year, but the ban only covers regions near major urban centres, which does not include the Gaspésie.

Investissement Québec is an investor in Cuda, who estimates that as many as thirty-seven wells could eventually be drilled in the exploitation area.  Production is expected to exceed 15 million barrels of oil between now and 2060.

Public consultations on the project remain open until the 1st of February.