CAQ considering doing away with the SAQ's monopoly

It appears the Coalition Avenir Québec wants to do away with the SAQ's monopoly on alcohol sales.

CAQ house leader François Bonnardel told the Journal de Montréal Thursday that Quebecers are ready for the government to liberalize the alcohol market in the province.

He adds if the CAQ forms the government after this fall's election, it will quickly hold meetings between elected officials and the industry to discuss how that would be done.

Bonnardel says it would open the market to smaller, independent merchants importing and selling their own wines with it.

While the CAQ suggests consumers would benefit from greater choice and lower prices, the Parti Québecois is calling the suggestion purely political, arguing that prices are already very competitive compared with those in Ontario and other jurisdictions.

The PQ suggests alcohol profits should be put back into health care and education, rather than into someone else's pocket.