CAQ government looking to hire 850 special needs teachers,support staff for this fall

The CAQ government is pumping $70M more a year into the education system for additional teachers and resources to help special needs and disabled students.

Most of the money is being used to hire 850 teachers, professionals and technical support. The rest will go towards mobile clinics for outlying regions - that means travelling professionals such as social workers and speech therapists. Schools will have to offer a minimum threshhold of services.

Education Minister Jean-François Roberge said at a news conference he's confident this new annual injection of money will lure the workers they need, including recent retirees and teachers from the private sector.

"I think it's possible to hire all those teachers, professionals and special support through fall. Maybe not September 1st, but September, October, November. I think a lot of teachers and specialists will come back to the public system," said Roberge.

The CSQ teachers union said it's a good step in the right direction but doesn't make up for past budget cuts and growing needs.