CAQ introduces new rules regulating dangerous dogs

The Legault government says it's planning to tighten the rules around potentially dangerous dogs.

Public Security Minister Geneviève Guilbault introduced the new rules in the National Assembly on Wednesday. The rules would give cities and towns more power to deal with the animals, and to make sure the law is applied consistently province-wide.

Guilbault says there would be no specific breed bans, but the rules will insist dangerous dogs will need to be on a leash and wear a muzzle in public.

She also says once a dog inflicts a serious wound or kills someone, municipalities must order the dog be euthanized.

Municipalities would also have the power to seize dogs, evaluate them, and ban people from owning dogs. And if one city or town declares that a dog is dangerous, that classification will have to be respected throughout the province.

The rules also do not prevent municipalities from enacting tougher rules.

Lise Vadnais, the sister of Christiane Vadnais, the Montreal woman who was killed by a dog in 2016, was present in the National Assembly's visitors' gallery when Guilbault spoke.