CAQ MNA makes a Valentine's Day proposal

Proposing on Valentine's Day may be cliché or cheesy, but you have to admit this one is pretty cool.

Coalition Avenir Québec MNA for Arthabaska Éric Lefebvre took a moment to thank those behind the scenes at the National Assembly.

"On this St. Valentine's Day I want to pay homage to all of the spouses of the members of the National Assembly. Mr. Speaker, these people didn't make the choice to go into political life, yet daily, they indirectly share it."

Lefebvre's speech spoke of the good and bad times that come with the political life and how these loved ones are always by their side. He spoke of his long-time partner Geneviève Laliberté, who was in the press gallery, and thanked her for being in his life.

Then in a moment fit for a silver screen romance, the MNA looked at deputy-speaker François Gendron saying he was about to break protocol adding the next question was not for him.

He then picked up a box with a ring inside and looked up at Laliberté.

"Geneviève, will you marry me?"

Cheers erupted in the National Assembly and when everything calmed down Laliberté said yes.