CAQ's first 100 Days a big hit with francophone Quebecers

The first 100 days of the Coalition Avenir Quebec government have paid off for Premier Francois Legault. A new poll for the Journal de Montréal shows that if an election was held today, the CAQ would receive 42% of voting intentions, while the Quebec Liberals would have their worst result since Léger's creation, with only 22% support.  

The CAQ's honeymoon has the party leading among men, women, young people and seniors, including in Montreal and across the province. 

The PQ and Québec solidaire received 18% and 15% support, respectively.   

The only group where Legault's party has failed to break through is with non-francophones, which the C-A-Q has just 19% support to the Liberals' 64%. 

Quebecers overall satisfaction with the CAQ government sits at 63%, something not seen since Jean Charest coming in 2003. 

The post-election situation for Quebec Liberals doesn't look great at at the moment — only 22% of respondents said they would vote Liberal.

Among francophones, Liberal support has tanked to 10% of voting intentions.