CAQ within sight of majority government

If an election had been held this week, the CAQ would have been tantalizingly close to winning a majority government.

The Internet survey conducted by IPSOS says the CAQ would have received 35% of the vote compared to 32% for the Liberals.

The CAQ was up a point from a survey in February, while the Liberals were up two points.

The Parti Quebecois are down three at 20% support, while Quebec solidare held steady with 8% support.

IPSOS says the results show the CAQ are within a few seats of forming the government at this time.

41% of francophone voters support the CAQ which is up one point from February. Francophone support for the Parti Quebecois has fallen five points to 24%, while Liberal support was up two points to 20%.

The survey was conducted between April 29 and May 2 and is considered accurate to within 2.5%  19 times out of 20.

Read the detailed poll results here: