Car insurance rates are increasing. Why?

Car insurance rates are rising and two reasons are being given. 

The Insurance Bureau of Canada cites more expensive car repairs, for one. 

Another reason cited is that rates have been steady for several years.

The Bureau points to newer car models being heavily computerized, leading to more sophisticated and pricier repairs. 

"Costs constantly keep going up. I live on the Plateau... constantly being ticketed, so, just got rid of the car", said one man who spoke with CTV.

The average premium for car insurance in 2007 was $566.

Then, the figure dropped $525 in 2014, but has climbed since.  

A spokesperson for CAA Quebec, who also spoke with CTV, said the best way to avoid a sizeable hike in an insurance rate is be sure to shop around for the best deal.


- With files from CTV