Carelessness the top cause of deadly pedestrian/cyclist accidents in Montreal

Cyclist and pedestrian safety has been a big question lately after several serious accidents on the island of Montreal in less than a week.

Since Saturday there have been five pedestrians sent to hospital after being struck by a vehicle, two of those collisions proved to be fatal, bringing the number of pedestrian deaths in Montreal to 14 for this year.

During the same period in 2017, 11 pedestrians had been killed on Montreal roads, eight in 2016 and seven in 2015.

On Thursday a 67-year-old cyclist was killed after being struck by a pickup truck, bringing the number of cyclists killed in Montreal to three this year.

The SPVMs fall road safety awareness campaign is already underway, and the city will be holding a special public safety meeting, focusing on road safety, on September 24.

At the meeting Montreal police will present the results of their investigations into fatal accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists dating back to 2008.

According to the documents obtained by the Journal de Montreal, the presentation says 36 per cent of the deadly collisions over the past decade can be linked to inattention. Those numbers do not include an indication as to who involved in the accident was lacking the proper attention, but police told the newspaper more clarification will be given following the presentation.

Not respecting the right of way was linked to 12 per cent of fatal accidents, 10 per cent to reckless behaviour and four per cent to not running a red light or stop sign.