CEGEP student pleads guilty to voyeurism charges

A 24 year old student of College de Maisonneuve accused of filming dozens of female students in the women's restroom has been sentenced to two years probation and fined $1,000.

A judge ruled that Jayme Gourdeau de Castro had deliberately used his cellphone to secretly film the women without their knowledge in November 2014.

According to the Journal de Montreal, the suspect went into the washroom and hid in one of the stalls while filming the one next to him. He did so for about a half hour before he was finally caught.

Gourdeau de Castro pleaded guilty to the charges, and apologized for his actions. The Journal indicates he is an Olympic hopeful and is seeking to have his name cleared so that he may be able to pursue his dream. The judge felt that the suspect's apology wasn't sincere, noting that it was more about his own image rather than the women whose privacy he violated.