CEGEP students cool to the PQ's idea of having to take a full semester in French

The Parti Québécois' proposed beefing up of the province's language laws are calling for anglos to spend at least one semester at a French CEGEP — and anglo students seem to be generally cool to the idea.

Within 101 days of a PQ mandate, the party hopes to table Bill 202, the sequel to the original landmark 1977 language law.

James Lapierre, a Dawson student, told CJAD 800 that doing a semester in French could be helpful, but the PQ's measure might be a step too far.

"The whole idea of doing another semester in another CEGEP is a little much, I think," James Lapierre, a Dawson student, told CJAD 800 on Monday.

Emily Gaudet, another Dawson student, agrees.

"I have anglo friends that want to go to French CEGEPs, and they do, and that's great," she says, "but I chose to come here."

Bill 202, the PQ's proposed revision to the language law, would offer francophone students the opportunity to spend one semester at an English school — though that would not be mandatory.

It would also force more, and smaller, businesses to obtain francization certificates, including those that fall within federal jurisdictions.

The PQ plans on tabling Bill 202 within the first 101 days of its swearing-in.