Change the time this weekend and check your smoke alarms

The recommendation is that you do it at least twice a year.

Check your smoke alarm on weekends when we change the time, like this weekend.

We change to Daylight Saving Time Saturday night.

Set your clocks and watches ahead an hour.

Remember fall back, spring forward.

As for the verification, the Montreal fire department's chief of fire prevention Louise Desrosiers said it should be done more often.

"You're supposed to do that every month, but people don't remember or don't do it, so at least twice a year when you change your hour, we ask to make sure that your smoke alarm is  working and to change your batteries if it's a battery-opertated one", said Desrosiers.     

She added more and more people have working smoke alarms, but at least 20 of households still don't. 

11 people died in Montreal fires in 2016 and there were non-working smoke alarms in most of the tragedies. 

In cases where people remove the batteries because cooking causes the alarm to go off, or simply remove the alarm all together, Desrosiers said "you're playing with your life with that".

Officially, the time change comes at 2 a-m.

Not all places in Canada observe D-S-T, including most of Saskatchewan, some communities in British Columbia, Northwestern Ontario, Quebec and Nunavut.

Standard time returns Nov. 5.