Chateauguay calling on Quebec government for long term solution to flooding problems

The city of Chateauguay saw a lot of flooding in the past two weeks. And it's asking Quebec's Transport ministry to help them find a long term solution.

When the recent heavy rain hit, Huighway 138 turned into a mini river, flooding the main intersection in Chateauguay. It made it impossible for cars to get through and caused traffic jams and detours. The transport ministry brought in two pumps that did not alleviate the situation.

Mayor Nathalie Simon said they've been after the transport ministry to find a permanent solution but it appears to be a low priority.

"Probably. Because when it happens once and then it goes away,  it's not a day-to-day preoccupation. Of course, when it happens then you have to face it but then people forget about it because it's not there to remind them everyday that situation is problematic," said Simon in an interview with CJAD 800 News.

Simon said it's been happening more often what with climate change and less and less green space to absorb all the rainwater. Add to the mix outdated sewer systems and Simon said it's an annual recipe for disaster.

Simon said she'd like to see new and bigger sewers and watermains or a bigger retention pool, all of which doesn't come cheap.  

Simon said the city is conducting a study to look at the draining problems and their options; for example, short term solutions such as more green space to help absorb rainwater.

"One thing is sure that we ask Quebec to work with us to find a solution, a longterm solution to the sector because it happens all the time we have big rainfalls," said Simon.

"With the climate change, it will be more and more evident that we're going to have to work the sector and find a solution for that draining problem."