Chef Ricardo: A Cocktail Fit for the Irish

When it came time to have Chef Ricardo on with Andrew for his usual Wednesday chat about food, we wondered if it would be weird to talk about recipes in the middle of a huge blizzard.


Well, as it turns out, Ricardo was snowed-in himself, in Chambly. He was originally supposed to shoot an barbecue segment outdoors - but those plans were put on hold because of the storm of the year. 

So we took our minds off of the white stuff with a tasty cocktail fit for St Patrick's Day... what better way to spend your snow day?

For other St Pat's-themed recipes, visit Ricardo here



Irish Cream Shooter in Black Beer 


  • 1 shooter Irish Cream (Bailey's), approximately 1 oz (30 ml)

  • 1 glass dark Stout beer (eg, Guinness)



  1. Fill a beer glass up three-quarters.

  2. Pour about 30 ml (1 oz) Irish Cream (Bailey's) into a small shot glass.

  3. Drop the Irish Cream shooter in the glass of beer. Drink all at once before the cream curdles!