Chez Doris women's shelter needs your help

Chez Doris says it needs donations to help women cope with the harsh Canadian winter.

The women's day shelter is asking Montrealers to donate items such as winter boots, heavy mitts and gloves that can protect against frostbite, and large jackets.

Marina Boulos-Winston told CJAD 800 that they have enough small and medium coats, but they need "large, or extra extra extra large, (coats) that are for heavier set ladies."

"And warm mitts are always welcome when it's minus 20 outside," she added.

"We have lots of mitts, like the stretchy kind you can find at the dollar store — so we need more of ski mitts"

They're also looking for socks, and underwear.

20 to 30 per cent of the people who use their services are homeless women, and everybody seeking help from Chez Doris lives under the poverty line.

"There's an increased need for food bags, so we're always looking year-round for perishable food as well as non-perishable food," Boulos-Winston said.

"And we encourage through-out the year if there's any community gardens that want to donate (any food) to consider Chez Doris."

To donate, click here.