Cirque du soleil founder wants to take you on a high-tech trip through time in new show

The founder of the Cirque du Soleil is planning another mega-entertainment project that'll start as of next June - a high-tech immersive performance piece set inside a giant pyramid to be located at the Old Port.

It's a long way from the acrobatic wonders of Guy Laliberté's Cirque du soleil, said Mike Mendell, producer at Laliberté's new company, Lune Rouge Entertainment: no more human performers -  all high-tech lasers, 360-degree projections, virtual reality and special effects and lighting.

"This is his evolution," said Mendell in an interview with CJAD 800.

The 60-minute show is called Through the Echoes, all set inside a huge pyramid at the site of the Old Clock Tower. It'll be over eight storeys high and almost as long as a football field, with enough room for 600 spectators. 

"It's a technological and emotional odyssey which tells the story of life from the Big Bang Theory until today," said Mendell.

"You've got images where there are planets, and you have images where there are galaxies and a lot of projection. You're in an extremely high-resolution environment where projections will be unbelievably clear, up to 8K inside the venue itself."



The venue has a capacity for a thousand people when it's turned into a nightclub concept after hours.

The project will employ around 100 people in Quebec and the pyramid structure will cost the company 15-million dollars for concept and construction.

Mendell would not reveal numbers but said ticket sales are doing well so far.

After a four month run here,  it'll pack up and travel to Miami and other cities.