Cirque du Soleil pledges $1 million to those affected by Las Vegas massacre

Cirque du Soleil will donate $1 million to those affected by last week’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, the company has announced.

The Quebec-based entertainment giant said half of the money will go to a fund dedicated to victims of the shooting while the other half will be offered in the form of 5,000 tickets to their shows for police, firefighters and paramedics who were dispatched to the scene.

Cirque du Soleil currently has eight different shows in various hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.

The company said there are also plans underway to participate in fundraising events for the local arts community in the near future, with money from those events also going to help victims.

In a statement, Cirque du Soleil Vice President Jerry Nadal said he is heartbroken by the violent act, which killed 59 people and left hundreds more injured.

"Las Vegas is our home and the people of this incredible city are our family,” he said.