City considers fines for people who text and walk

The city of Montreal is calling for a wide range of measures aimed at improving road and pedestrian safety, including a law against texting while crossing the street, and fines for those who do.

Executive committee member responsible for public transport Aref Salem made the recommendation during a presentation at the roaming public consultations on improving road safety being held by the Quebec automobile insurance board.

Salem said texting while crossing the street is dangerous, and the Quebec government should do more to prevent it.

Salem said it would not be too hard to enforce such a law what with current regular police public safety campaigns.

The city also wants more control over photo radar and red light cameras, something Salem said is not a cash grab but a public security issue since the city knows best where the road accidents and speeding motorists are on the island.

The city also wants higher fines for cyclists who break the rules of the road.

It's also calling on the Quebec government to ensure all heavy trucks have side guards to prevent people from falling under the wheels, something the Quebec Trucking Association says is not a one-size-fits-all solution. 

The association also took issue with the city's stance on more regulations for trucks in the city to prevent accidents, saying everyone has a shared responsibility — from cyclists and pedestrians to cars and trucks.

The public consultations continue in Montreal tomorrow and Wednesday.