City Hall wants to be reimbursed after New Year's Eve communication snafu

The city administration and the opposition at City Hall are calling for the company responsible for our emergency response system to reimburse the city to the tune of $72 million.

They're also demanding a public hearing after the communication system used by police and firefighters shut down on New Year's Eve for more than an hour.

They were forced to respond to emergencies during that time period using their cell phones.

The vice-chair of public security at the city, councillor Alex Norris, is outraged that the Airbus DS Communication system has crashed once again

"It failed a number of times," Norris says. "The entire 911 service was not working properly at a critical time on New Year's Eve."

The company cracks the glitch up to a problem adjusting to the "leap second" on New Years Eve, but Norris says for the money the city spent on the system, that's unacceptable.

On top of compensation, Norris is calling for a public hearing where representatives of the company explain what went wrong, and how they're going to fix it.

-CJAD 800's Emily Campbell contributed to this report.