City of Beaconsfield says lowering speed limits isn't working

Ten years after lowering the speed limit on residential streets, the city of Beaconsfield has concluded that it didn't work. 

Motorists still roll along at the same speed as they did before at an average of 44 km/h in school zones, and 46 km/h in 40 km/h zones.

Beaconsfeild Mayor Georges Bourelle says people see it as a problem in their neighbourhood until they're the ones behind the wheel.

"Interestingly people that complain quite often, they also speed," he says.

They found that 90% of drivers are speeding in the new 40 km/h zones and 95% speeding in school zones, now they're launching an awareness campaign to address the problem.

"There's no doubt that particularly in school areas that people way exceed the speed limit," says Bourelle.

He says soon drivers will see signs up in the neighbourhood and the city will try to reach parents through their kids.

"We're going to ask students to ask their parents to take a safe driving pledge," he says. "It's to create an awareness to the danger of speeding."

He says speeding is the most common factor in fatal crashes.