City of Montreal cancelling contract with snow removal company for "unacceptable" work

The city of Montreal says it's cancelling a contract with a controversial company that has a shoddy record this winter of cleaning and removing snow in the South West borough.

The executive committee will recommend at next Monday's city council meeting to cancel the five year contract with Pavages d'Amour for breach of trust.

Executive committee chairman Pierre Desrochers said they had a meeting with the company yesterday and decided that the situation was "unacceptable."

The company is the same one that was seen knocking over trees and garbage cans and causing other damage during snow removal operations.

Borough mayor Benoit Dorais said they've given the company over $150,000 in fines so far and they're not ruling out more as well as other measures to make sure the company does the job right this winter. Dorais said they've received over a thousand complaints so far about the snow removal.

Dorais said they can't cancel the contract midway because it's too late to start a new tenders process for another company.

Desrochers said it's not impossible that other contracts with the same company could be cancelled if its work isn't up to snuff.

The snow removal in the South West borough was at 24% completion this morning while it's about 56% in other boroughs.