City of Montreal crews clearing snow around the clock before weekend break

The city of Montreal says snow removal crews are slowly but surely working around the clock clearing the near record amount of snow dumped on the city this week.

But you won't be seeing many machines and trucks out this weekend since workers hauling snow will be taking a break after 70 hours of work as required by law.

"We already did 12% of snow removal," said city spokesman Philippe Sabourin.

"It's a slow rhythm but it's normal because we did receive twice the amount of snow that we used to receive."

The pace ranges from 5% completed in the South West borough and about 9% completed in the CDN-NDG borough to 27% done in Outremont and a quarter done in Pierrefonds-Roxboro. Sabourin said it's takes longer in some boroughs because "there's more traffic, less room, there's more people, more citizens."

"It's easier with other boroughs who have more space, who have less traffic."

Snow removal operations resume at full capacity on Monday and is expected to be done Wednesday or Thursday.

And Sabourin said not to worry - Ste Catherine St. will be clear of snow for Sunday's St. Patrick's Day parade.