City of Montreal launches plan to help citizens combat the extreme heat

As part of their emergency plan with the extreme heat, the city of Montreal has started their intervention process of the plan.

In conjunction with the Montreal Fire Department, they've began going door-to-door to help those who are most vulnerable to the heat, like the elderly, children, those with disabilities, and those living alone. 

"For some who are the most vulnerable, it's even more challenging to find a cool place to go," said Mayor Valerie Plante.

Because of this, Director of the Montreal Fire Department  and Montreal Civil Security coordinator, Bruno Lachance, says their door-to-door initiative will help the vulnerable if they need information or resources on where they can go and what they can do to combat the heat.

Mayor Plante encourages Montrealers to check in on their neighbours, as well.

"If we feel like somebody needs a little help, maybe we can just go check on someone and knock on their door, I'm sure they would appreciate that," she said.

Many Montrealers have been effected by the extreme heat. 

Since the weekend, there have been six deaths in relation to the heat. 

Regional director of Montreal public health, Doctor Mylene Drouin, says it's because of a number of factors like mental illness, living alone, or being in a really hot spot. 

Meanwhile, Urgences Sante has responded to 1200 calls, with only about 600 needing to go to the hospital.

Chief of Operations for Urgences Sante, Benoit Garneau, is urging Montrealers to use the Info-Sante line at 8-1-1 before dialing 9-1-1 if it isn't really an emergency.

Environment Canada's heat warning is in effect until Thursday.