City of Montreal looking at taking fewer plane trips, reducing carbon footprint

The mayor of Montreal says the city will be doing its part to cut down on the number of business trips on planes and to reduce its carbon footprint.

Mayor Valerie Plante said they'll start purchasing carbon credits whenever elected officials or bureaucrats travel on city business.

That's about 150 trips a year.

Plante said they'll be re-evaluating those travel plans.

"How can we limit or diminish the number of plane rides versus other ways of going around?" said Plante.

Plante said they'll also be looking at ways of cutting back on the number of trips by plane, something she already does for her own business travels.

"All trips are important, or missions. But at the same time, they do cost money for Montrealers, it does create a lot of greenhouse gas emissions. As well, also, this idea of  work-life balance, (is) something to consider," said Plante.

The credits will be reinvested into educational projects teaching children about reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Plante will take about 40 plane trips this year, including one to Buenos Aires last week.

Her predecessor Denis Coderre took about 60 such trips a year.