City of Montreal will no longer wait until a few road accidents happen before acting

The Plante administration is taking a new approach when it comes to road accidents at certain problem intersections in the city - it said it'll be acting a lot quicker to make them safer.

Eric Alan Caldwell, in charge of transport for Montreal's executive committee, said that it used to be that they'd have to wait for a certain number of accidents before acting.

Not any more, said Caldwell at this morning's meeting of the executive committee.

He said they will no longer wait for a minimum number of accidents before doing their analyses.

Caldwell said they'll come up right away with measures that have worked before to improve road safety, that are in tune with their policies on mobility and safety and that are in sync with their traffic light system.

Caldwell said that they promised in the first year of their mandate to end the policy of waiting until accidents happen before doing anything about it.