City says it keeps filling potholes during what it calls a rude winter

How often have you complained, or even cursed, about hitting a pothole in Montreal?

The city said it's been filling them during what's been a wild up and down temperature roller coaster this winter.

Spokesman Philippe Sabourin told CJAD 800 News 16 trucks have been assigned to the job on the main roads.

"We did one pass around the network and we already began a second pass around the 3,000 kilometers. We began yesterday, (Saturday), that second pass around", said Sabourin.

The operation, which is expected to be completed on Monday, costs 3.5-million dollars, according to the city.

Sabourin, who admitted there are more pothles than usual, also said crews are tackling holes on minor arteries, too.

"We will continue to give the effort as long as we need to do so. The important thing for the city is secure the move of everyone as soona s psosible", said Sabourin, who describes this winter as being "rude".