Coderre talks parity; Plante talks car-sharing

Mayor Denis Coderre touted the steps his party has taken toward approaching gender parity at City Hall.

On Thursday, he said his party is running 46 female candidates out of 103 positions, and adds if he's re-elected, there would be perfect gender balance on his executive committee.

Right now, eight men and four women make up the mayor's inner circle.

"If you want to make sure that you represent what Montreal is all about, you have not only to be on the ground, you have to listen to the people and make sure that you have the right people at the right place. These candidates are the right people at the right place. There's a lot of people who wanted to have them as candidates, and they chose to join our administration," he said.

Meanwhile, Projet Montreal challenger Valerie Plante once again spoke about getting around town on Thursday — she suggested she wants more car-sharing vehicles available for the downtown area.

There are two companies that rent cars in much the same way cyclists can rent Bixis — Car2Go and Communauto. In the downtown core, those companies have had to make arrangement with the owners of private lots to have their cars stowed there, because car-sharing vehicles can only park in places where there are electric charging stations.

Plante thinks that should be changed.

"Elsewhere it can be a mix but here it was a restriction decided by the administration to limit it to electric cars," she said. "And not only this is not good for mobility but it's not good for the economy. And Projet Montreal we want to support small businesses. We want to support businesses like Car2Go, and Communauto. We want to cut the red tape."