Cold snap to blame for burst pipe at Joe Beef's wine cellar

It appears that the well-known Joe Beef restaurant on Notre Dame St. in Little Burgundy was a victim of this past week's cold snap.

On New Year's weekend, the extreme cold froze over the pipes over at Joe Beef, Liverpool House and Le Vin Papillon, causing them to burst. 

David McMillan, owner of all three restaurants, told CJAD 800 there's water damage in the basement, where they store their wine bottles. He says the restaurant lost more than 100 of them.

"There were broken, shattered bottles lying on the floor," McMillan said. "White wine mixed with red wine, ice, all these corks pushed out of the bottles."

The three restaurants reopened for business on Thursday night, after being shut down for the holiday break. But McMillan says part of that break was spent cleaning up the mess. Insurance will cover some of the losses, but he reportedly shelled out about $15,000 for emergency repairs to ensure his establishments would reopen on time.

Beyond that, he says he plans on making further repairs to his property to make sure that kind of damage doesn't happen again.

"Winterizing the restaurants is going to be a priority for us in the future, seeing that our vacation was completely ruined."

-CJAD 800's Alyssia Rubertucci contributed to this report.