Colorado low pressure system could bring freezing rain to Montreal

Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for the Montreal and surrounding areas warning a low pressure system may be bringing some freezing rain on Sunday.

"A very slow moving low pressure system, currently over Colorado, will affect Southern Quebec in the coming days" the weather agency said. "At first, it will give a few centimetres of snow over Southern Quebec. Mixed precipitation will then begin Sunday afternoon as this system tracks closer to Quebec." 

"An area of freezing rain could affect these regions during the changeover from snow to rain."

The snow is expected to continue through the afternoon, ending Friday evening. Temperatures are expected to get just freezing to 1°C, drop to -1°C on Saturday and hit 0°C on Sunday.

The weather office though is admitting right now it's still too early to fully predict how the system will hit the region, adding the types and amounts of precipitation expected remain uncertain.