Commuter train agency fleshes out compensation plan for users

Commuter train users inconvenienced by this winter's maddening delays can either get six free train tickets, or 30 per cent off their next monthly pass — and they can take the first step toward getting their freebies next week.

On Wednesday, April 11, RTM staffers will be handing out leaflets at several train stations at certain times, which will contain a unique code that users would need to go online to apply, and to choose between their method of compensation — tickets, or a discount on a monthly pass.

Users would have until May 31 to take advantage.

Last month, the commuter train agency announced it would offer compensation to users put out by the repeated delays on the network — specifically, on the Deux-Montagnes line. It also announced it would invest millions to shore up the aging rail network, in an effort to minimize the occurrence of breakdowns and delays.

For more information on how the compensation plan will work, visit the RTM's (English) web site here.