Commuter train agency to compensate users for rash of train delays

The agency that runs commuter trains in Montreal has announced an extra $450 million will be invested into the network to ensure the trains run on time, and will also compensate users for this past winter's troubles.

The Réseau de Transport Métropolitain, the RTM, will use that money to compensate passengers, and to purchase 10 new locomotives and 20 double-deck passenger cars for the problem-plagued Deux-Montagnes line — despite the fact the Deux-Montagnes line will be replaced by the REM light-rail line by 2022.

In addition, extra heaters will be installed on the line's switching systems to prevent snow and frost buildup, which the agency blamed for many of its mid-winter woes.

The RTM will also expand its Lachine maintenance yard, and build a new one in Mascouche.

The agency also says passengers who were inconvenienced by a series of delays earlier this year will be compensated — the RTM will offer riders a 30 per cent discount on the purchase of their next monthly pass, or six free train tickets that can be used at any time.

The exact details of that compensation plan will be presesnted in the next few weeks.